Which coffee will I enjoy the most?

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee pro, a first-timer looking for advice, or anyone in between, we made this coffee buying guide to get you started in the right direction for your tastes. Terms like “stone fruit” and “mouthfeel” are not things we often say in everyday conversation so here is an easier way to find your coffee fit.

Roast Level

When we roast a coffee, we try to bring out it’s “best self”. Rather than using terms like dark roast, blonde, city, or French, we will use a slightly different framework in our guide. Every one of our coffees is unique and we want you to taste the “sweet spot” of each one. Our producing (farming) partners have honed their craft so well in growing and processing flavorful crops that our goal is simply to highlight that work and bring you the ideal roast for each origin. Easier said than done! Our roasting team works tirelessly in quality control to seek out these perfect roasts and deliver them fresh to you. 

Adventurous - Lighter - Lively 

  • Ideal for those seeking brighter flavors, usually with more acidity (Don’t worry, think lemonade not lemons), and unique flavors like tropical fruits or flowers.

  • Start here if you are looking for something fun and modern.

Approachable - Mellow - Familiar 

  • Ideal for those seeking balanced cups with flavors like red apple, almonds or berries.

  • These coffees are unique and interesting like all of our coffees but also won’t seem too wild to your friend that only drinks chain coffee. Start here if you are looking for familiar coffees with harmonious sweetness, acidity and texture.

Classic - Comforting - Crowd Pleasing

  • Ideal for those seeking dependable cups with smooth flavors like caramel and chocolate.

  • These coffees are reliable for any situation whether waking up with the sun, pulling shots of espresso or serving a crowd at the next mandatory office meeting. Start here if you are looking for something you can drink everyday and won’t get bored of.

Drink what you like!

We hope this guide gets you pointed in the right direction but remember that the most important thing is for you to enjoy what you’re drinking! Maybe you never drink the same coffee twice or maybe your order hasn’t changed in decades, what matters most is that you love every sip. From adventurous to classic, we are here to bring you the best day in and day out.