Here are some easy to follow home brewing guidelines for some of our favorite brew methods. 

Kalita Wave (185)
We use the Kalita Wave in our cafes for our pour-over selections.

  • Pre rinse filter and discard water
  • Add 27g coffee ground medium-fine 
  • Bring water to just off boil 205 - 208F
  • Pour 60g water evenly saturating the coffee for 30 second bloom
  • After 30 seconds pour water straight down the center for 400g total water
  • Total brew time 2:15-2:30

Chemex (8 cup)
The Chemex is an elegant and easy way to brew a great tasting cup. 

  • Fold Chemex filter so the thicker (3 fold) side is facing towards the pouring spout
  • Pre rinse filter then discard water from brewer
  • Add 40g coffee ground medium-coarse
  • Bring water to just off boil 205-208F
  • Pour 80g water evenly saturating the coffee and wait 30 seconds
  • After 30 seconds pour 100g water in spiral motion not touching the sides
  • At 1:00 pour water straight down the center until 600g total water
  • Total brew time 3:30-3:45

Hario V60
Perfect for brewing yourself a cup over your favorite mug!

  • Fold crease on paper filter flat 
  • Pre rinse filter and brewer then discard water from server
  • Add 20g coffee medium-finely ground 
  • Bring water to just off boil pour at 205 - 208F
  • Pour 40g of water and let coffee bloom for 30 seconds
  • Pour water to 300g total water in a repeating spiraling motion 
  • Total brew time 2:15

Aeropress (Inverted method)
We like to take this with us camping...light and durable.

  • Pre rinse paper filter in cap and brewer
  • Invert brewer with plunger in place
  • Add 18g coffee ground medium-fine
  • Bring water to just off boil 200-205F
  • Pour 270g water
  • Take off scale and stir 5 times 
  • Place cap with filter on brewer
  • Flip brewer over on to cup/server
  • Slowly plunge at 1:50 for 20 seconds
  • Stop plunging when you hear a hiss and remove brewer

French Press (8 cup)
Always a simple method for when you have friends over for brunch. Makes a full-bodied cup perfect for a rainy day.

  • Preheat french press with hot water and discard
  • Add 53g coffee ground very coarse
  • Bring water to just off boil 205-208F
  • Pour 100g water, gently stir and let bloom for 30 seconds
  • Pour 700g water
  • Stir again for 5 seconds
  • Press down filter at 3:30
  • Decant right away

Cold Brew
One of the most satisfying brew methods...overnight magic!

  • Use any vessel you have at home!  We like to use a large mason jar or pitcher.

  • Then come visit us and pick up a bag of beans!  We have been brewing the Shamba lately, but both Heartbreaker and Momentum make great cold brews and they are available in bulk bags in case you need to make a big batch.

  • Grind the beans on a coarse setting (about 90% as coarse as your grinder will go or ask your barista to grind for you if you don’t have a grinder at home).

  • Put the ground coffee (the full 12oz bag) in your vessel and add approximately 96 oz of room temperature filtered water.

  • Stir until the grounds are saturated with water. At home, we usually use chopsticks or a wooden spoon.

  • Brew at room temp covered for 18 hours.

  • Strain through a filter. Since the coffee has been coarsely ground, you can use a tea strainer, colander, cheese cloth - basically anything you can find. 

  • You now have a delicious cold brew concentrate!

  • Cut with water (50/50 or to taste) then serve over ice and enjoy!