5 hot Brooklyn neighborhoods you’ll want to call home

"The 155-room Greenpoint Hotel, re-envisioned from a one-time rope factory, is also coming next year.

Along with one of the largest Polish populations in the country, Greenpoint offers a mishmash of free spirits with a hipster slant. Your college ex who moved to Sante Fe, New Mexico, and who extols the benefits of ayahuasca brews but works in software sales would fit right in. (If he’s not hanging in the communal library/co-working space at Otto already, that is.)

Despite all the development, it’s still approachable.

“Greenpoint is big enough that you can always discover something new, but small enough where you know the name of your mail person and barista,” says Caroline Bell, co-founder of the popular hangout Cafe Grumpy. “Where else can you have a quiet dinner between bookshelves [Archestratus] then head to a rock show a few blocks away [Saint Vitus]?”"

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