La Cima

El Salvador
Canton el Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa, Santa Ana
Sugarplum, Orange, Cacao
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Finca La Esperanza
Café Pacas, Producer
Red Bourbon. Honey method. Grown at 1000-1700 masl.

The Pacas family has a long history in coffee (they found and named the Pacas variety in 1949) and they take risks with new projects and experiments while maintaining a focus on quality which is evident in the cup but also on the farms. 

The diversity of shade and coffee trees provide a home for different types of animals and plants. Café Pacas is also constantly performing labors aimed at soil and water conservation, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Social Responsibility:
Café Pacas is committed to contribute in a positive manner to our society. Since 2012, they have developed a social responsibility strategy, which includes wellness workshops that are offered to their people. They have partnered with an NPO called FUNPRES. Together they have a stronger impact in the communities around the farms and mill. These programs are focused on providing wellness tools to the people that work at Café Pacas. Additionally, they receive individual psychotherapy sessions in case they need it.

Café Pacas recognizes that people are the most important part of their company and the socio-emotional wellness of these people is their top priority.

Environmental Projects:
-Re-planting of the farm using high quality varieties of coffee
-Using diversified shade trees
-Digging “fosas”, which are holes that capture water and organic matter into the acquifers.
-Using Green-approved fertilizers
-No hunting
-Soil erosion prevention programs
-Cypress forest at the top which is kept wild

    12oz of whole beans. Our premium coffee beans are roasted daily at our Greenpoint, Brooklyn roastery. Our re-sealable bags with valves are made with Biotrē™ 2.0  a flexible packaging film made from renewable and compostable resources such as wood pulp. Learn more here.  We roast to order!
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Additional Info

Canton el Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa, Santa Ana
Sugarplum, Orange, Cacao