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Tweega (peaberry)

Price: $16.00

Mbeya, Tanzania

Assam Tea, Apricot, Crème Brûlée, Papaya

Multiple Small Producers
Tembo Dry Mill

Bourbon, SL-28, Typica, Catimor. Grown at 1700-2000 masl.

Tanzania is a paradise for coffee growing. The country is filled with the French Mission bourbon varieties that have made Kenya famous, and Indian Kent varieties that came over from Mysore in the 1920s. With most farm elevations nearing 2000 masl, the stage is set for syrupy, fruit-forward, full bodied coffee. It seems that Tanzania’s popularity in the coffee world is almost synonymous with the peaberry variety. This offering from the Mbeya region is one of those very special peaberries.

The Mbeya region is home to about 400,000 small holder farmers, many of whom practice subsistence farming. The Tweega PB comes from 70 producer groups in the Southern Highlands. All of the coffee is hand picked and processed either at the Central Pulpery Unit or on small home pulping machines. All farmers contributing to this lot adhere to strict quality standards before the parchment is delivered to Tembo Coffee (dry mill) where further green sorting and grading takes place.


12oz of whole beans.
Our premium coffee beans are roasted daily at our Greenpoint, Brooklyn roastery. We ship only whole bean coffee and do not grind the beans prior to shipping.  Coffee is packaged in sealed valve bags.  We roast to order!