Copo Mico

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San Luis Planes, Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Green Tea, Cranberry, Pineapple, Marzipan

Familia Mejía, Producer

Pacas and Catuaí grown 1400-1600 masl.

Copo Mico has been an important part of the Café Grumpy roster since 2011, known for its unique green tea and currant jam character. Under the careful direction of farm owner Mariano Mejía, the Mejía family has been able to make an astounding comeback from severe damages to their crop after leaf rust hit in 2012. Copo Mico’s exportable production has always been small, and rarely surpasses 20 bags. In order to demonstrate their commitment and initiative, Mariano and his son Mario planted a new portion of land with yellow catuaí and red pacas, and constructed an impressive raised drying bed in 2014. This year we were excited to purchase 31 bags!

We have been able to work with the Mejía family through financial struggles, and continue to encourage their participation in specialty coffee production by maintaining pricing that is equivalent to their quality as it continues to improve. Our milling and exporting partner Benjamin Paz (of Beneficio San Vicente) has been instrumental in helping us to convince Mariano to deliver cherry each season for evaluation, and the results keep getting better every year.