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Grand Central Terminal


89 East 42nd Street, Lexington Passage | New York, NY 10017

Café Grumpy Grand Central Terminal opened in May 2014 offering espresso, brewed coffee (batch brew and by the cup) and locally-sourced pastries. A standing bar runs along the passageway windows and customers can choose to drink their coffee to stay in ceramic cups – an unusual gesture for Grand Central Terminal’s busy commuters.

The approach of the design by Architecture Durusoy, was to maintain the friendly, inviting neighborhood atmosphere of other Café Grumpy locations. In the spirit of Grand Central Terminal, the design weaves together modern life with the thoughtful deliberation of an older era. The long and narrow room, activated by the movement of crowds walking by, provided the inspiration for the ceiling planes that mimic the form and function of a rail car.

Enter from both Lexington Avenue or Lexington Passage.

No WiFi.

Much has been made of the symbolic significance of the Grumpy opening…Whether a win for the little guy, a watershed moment in New York coffee or a sign of the mutual maturity of a generation of coffee consumers and roasters/sellers, the opening is a big deal.”
Steady Growth Leads to Café Grumpy Grand Opening, Roast Magazine, 2014


Monday - Friday 6am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am-8pm