Jan 06, 2017

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce announces 2016 Brooklyn-Made Award winners

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Brooklyn-Made is a wonderful recognition of quality that rewards businesses for making substantive contributions to their local economies and communities,” said BCC board Chair Denise Arbesu. “The winners of these awards have it all: Product design, development and assembly all take place right here in our borough.”

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Dec 12, 2016

Winter Survival Guide

We Rule


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Nov 17, 2016

Where to get caffeinated in NYC

Glitter for Breakfast

“Cafe Grumpy aka Grumpy/Grumpy’s is anything but, unless you try to use a laptop; there is a strictly enforced “No Laptops,” rule at least in Chelsea (I’ve never been to any others). Although Grumpy can get crowded on weekend afternoons, that is also part of what makes it charming. Let me explain. Because there are no laptops allowed, people come to Grumpy and sit with a book or the paper and just enjoy themselves, particularly at the high tops in the front. It’s the kind of place where no one bothers you and you can really get absorbed in your own world, whether that be solo or with a small group.”

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Nov 01, 2016

A Guide To Coffee In New York

Gram Magazine

“At Café Grumpy, it’s all about simple, quality coffee. The independently owed and operated coffee company, also pride themselves in sourcing socially responsible beans and highlighting the different flavoural profiles in each coffee they roast. The Chelsea shop, nestled in a tree-lined block, also has a cute courtyard at the back, which is a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city”

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Nov 09, 2016

The Most Amazing Coffee Shops NYC Keeps Secret


“Cafe Grumpy is anything but what its name implies. This delightful coffee shop impresses crowds in the heart of New York City. Serving coffee from countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania, and Guatemala, one can enjoy a bevy of selections from their in-house roastery. The signature house blend is something they refer to as the Heartbreaker Espresso – it develops and changes with each season…Cafe Grumpy has a strict no laptop policy that ensures that its guests are there for one thing – to enjoy the atmosphere while sipping a great beverage which keeps tables open and spirits high!”

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Nov 21, 2016

The Best Places in Manhattan to Get Coffee

Manhattan Digest

“If you see grumpy coffee connoisseurs entering a coffee shop on W 20th Street and come out smiling and all caffeinated, you’ve just discovered Café Grumpy – Chelsea. They’ve got custom-drip whizzes that only single-origin roasts are known to produce with a hipsterish attitude.”

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Oct 10, 2016

7 Delicious Hot Fall Drinks That Aren’t a PSL


5. Graham Latte
“I’m a sucker for a latte with chocolate, honey, and cinnamon. It tastes like a Teddy Graham and is perfect as a nostalgic afternoon pick-me-up.”
-Joseph Monett, barista, Café Grumpy

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Nov 25, 2016

Gilmore girls’ guide to NYC: Spots Lorelai and Rory would probably hang out


“A Gilmore is never far away from a good coffee backup. If Lorelai and Rory weren’t feeling Tom’s — say Lorelai caused a neighborhood uproar of some sort — they’d grab their fourth cup of the morning at the original Café Grumpy, 193 Meserole Ave. in Brooklyn. The name would remind them of Luke himself, if the coffee alone didn’t.”

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Nov 14, 2016

Love New York Awards Winner

Time Out New York

Best Cafe / Coffee Shop – Greenpoint

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Nov 16, 2016

Grand Central Gift Guide | Kids, Tweens & Teens

Connections Magazine


Nov 14, 2016

Everyone says cut the morning latte. Here’s why I still buy one, without guilt.


“I happen to have a weakness for almond milk lattes, particularly the ones sold at the coffee shop a few doors down from my apartment. And while I don’t buy a latte every morning, I shell out $5 at Cafe Grumpy at least three times a week…”

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Nov 10, 2016

What to Get for Everyone: The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Brooklyn Magazine


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Oct 03, 2016

9 TV show restaurants and bars you can actually visit


“Since appearing on the hit show about 20-something New Yorkers trying to figure out their lives, the cafe has gone gangbusters and now has six locations across New York. The original store, which opened in Brooklyn in 2005, has become a pilgrimage site for fans of show with lines out the door.”

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Sep 29, 2016

Freaky Brewing with Café Grumpy

Coney Island Brewing Co.

For Freaktoberfest, Coney Island Beer used our signature Heartbreaker Espresso blend. This is currently a blend of beans from Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia. The espresso blend has a full body with interesting tasting notes of vanilla and caramel which works well with the pumpkin and spice in Freaktoberfest. The flavor is freaky and delicious!

For the limited edition SuperFreak, the brewers at Coney Island Beer used the single origin selection from Rwanda called Nyarusiza. With tasting notes like bing cherry and lemon verbena, the complexity of this coffee really worked well with the beer. We were blown away when we tasted SuperFreak – super unique and delicious…”

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Sep 29, 2016

From bean to brew: New York’s coffee history

PIX 11

“Bell didn’t feel like there was a place in the city where she could get a really good cup of coffee, so she and her husband decided to launch their own business in 2005. Now the company roasts about 1,000 pounds of beans in Brooklyn every day and they’re on the verge of opening their eighth location…”

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Sep 23, 2016

An inside look at Café Grumpy, the ‘Girls’ Greenpoint coffee spot


“There’s more to the logo than a grumpy glare.  As simple as this secret may sound, you probably overlooked it. The recognizable logo for the cafe is just a frowning face, right? Wrong. It’s actually a coffee bean. The center crease found on the beans created the perfect canvas, Bell said. Add two eyes and scorning eyebrows and you have the logo. It was created by her brother Andrew Bell, the graphic designer behind Brooklyn-based brand Dead Zebra…”

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Sep 16, 2016

Café Grumpy Extends Fundraising Efforts for Burundi Shamba Mushroom Project…

Coffee Talk

“Café Grumpy has joined forces with East African entre­pre­neuse Angèle Ciza in an effort to support economic growth and diversity in Burundi. The Brooklyn-based roasting company has been working with Ciza since 2013, buying her Shamba coffee from the Terimbere Coöperative in Kirundo…”

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Sep 12, 2016

100 Gates Project wraps up…

New York Business Journal

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Sep 06, 2016

Caroline Bell’s Cafe Grumpy Interview

Kevin Sinnott's Coffee Companion

” have always been intrigued by Café Grumpy. Never have I heard so many scary rumors of the tough love treatment of consumer electronics, coupled with praise for their beverages…”

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Sep 08, 2016

New York Coffee Festival: Café Grumpy, Birch, more to bring caffeine aplenty to NYC


“Café Grumpy likes to keep things simple and straightforward – just like most New Yorkers…”

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