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199 Diamond Street | Brooklyn, NY 11222

We started roasting in 2009 in the back of our Greenpoint cafe on a vintage Probat 12kg. In 2014, we moved our roasting facility right next door where the original Probat sits next to our recently restored 1956 Probat 45kg.

With three certified Q Graders on staff and a focus on quality, we work together to select green beans from socially and environmentally responsible producers. We then spend time developing roast profiles to bring out the dynamic nuances in the beans. After roasting, we cup each batch to assure consistent quality.

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On Selecting Coffee

From our Coffee Buyer, Cheryl Kingan

Great coffee demands attention at every point in its processing. We work hard to develop and maintain long term relationships with producers who reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability.  Our partners are dedicated to the same exacting standards of excellence we strive to provide in our roasting and brewing techniques.  The proof is always in the cup.

Environmental changes require constant consideration, and we are lucky to work with innovators who push the limits of possibility year after year.  We hope you can taste the difference!

Check out some pictures from our sourcing trips here.

On the Roasting Process

From our Head Roaster, Liam Singer

Roasting coffee is like balancing on a tightrope – too far on either side of the sweet spot the cup falls flat, burdened by underdeveloped astringency or over-roasted bitterness.  We begin each morning with a quality-control cupping, to make sure we’re maintaining that balance throughout the changing seasons, which bring new harvests and shifting roasting conditions.  In our roast profile, we strive to showcase the inherent acidity, body, and sweetness in the wide variety of coffees we buy, developing each of those qualities to its fullest without allowing one to dominate.

We believe that a coffee should maintain its harmony and liveliness throughout its life as a brewed cup, as drinkable after ten minutes as when just extracted.  We try to allow our more fruity, floral coffees room to express their inherent wildness, while letting our mellower origins shine through as what they are: sweet, pleasant, and – as we like to say – DFC (“damn fine coffee”). We know what we like out of a cup, but we also love working with coffee because there forever remain unknowns to explore. Part of our job will always be striving to keep our minds open to new concepts in roasting, brewing, and beyond.