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Heartbreaker Espresso

El Salvador & Ethiopia

Honeysuckle, Marzipan, Blackberry, Orange Zest

Our signature house blend Heartbreaker develops and changes seasonally.

This particular iteration features Los Bellotos from our producing partners at Cafe Pacas in El Salvador and Kochere from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The classic bourbon variety from El Salvador works with the heirloom Ethiopian beans to provide a syrupy base of Heartbreaker’s signature honeysuckle and marzipan rounded out with hints of blackberry and orange zest.

History of the Heartbreaker:  Cheryl once described a macchiato as a “heartbreaker”…as in it was so delicious, it melted or broke her heart. When we had our espresso-naming contest, Liam remembered this and shouted out “heartbreaker.” He won a Chemex, and we won the name.