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Deri Kochoha

Hagere Maryame, Sidama, Ethiopia

White Grape, Plum, Assam Tea

Deri Kochoha Washing Station
Multiple Small Producers

Heirloom Ethiopia. Grown at 1800-2000 masl.

Last year we offered coffee from Deri Kochoha for the first time and it was a huge hit. Anytime that happens we start looking into how to bring it in again, and this year we were able to do so with a larger lot. This is how many of our long-standing relationships with coffee producers begin and we are looking forward to more of it in the future.

Coffees from Sidama can either be washed or dry-processed. The Deri Kochoha Washing Station, the mill that produces this coffee, uses the washed method to process coffee, which is also typical of the nearby Yirgacheffe region. More than 600 farmers bring their coffee to this mill, so the lot we are offering is a blend of coffee from many small farms. Their coffee is first put through a disc pulper to remove the skin, and subsequently undergoes fermentation under water for an extra-long 72 hours. The coffee is agitated with wooden paddles to help remove the mucilage. It is then washed in channels and brought to a soaking tank where it gets a clean bath overnight before being dried in the sun on raised beds. This process helps to yield a very clean and sweet cup that we love.

There is a wonderful black tea quality to this coffee that is present in many fine coffees from this region. We also notice a big fruit juiciness that reminds us of white grapes as well as stone fruit, like plums and peaches, similar to a classic Kenyan profile. For a coffee that has a strong fruit and tea presence, there is surprising balance and great body, making this a beautifully rounded cup to drink. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!